Accessories for your wheelchair

Wheelchair accessories

Tailoring your wheelchair to your particular needs can help make life easier, more comfortable or simply more fun!  From shopping bags and walking stick holders, to extra propulsion and custom hub caps, there is a wide range of accessories on the market. Chartwell Insurance, a completely independent insurance broker that offers a specialist, caring service for disabled customers, has pulled together a list of some of the gadgets and accessories available.

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  • There are a number of different sorts and sizes of bag that attach to wheelchairs so there is bound to be one to suit your needs, such as this wheelchair shopping bag available from Argos and this handy, easy-access Under Seat Wheelchair Bag available from Amazon.
  • To keep walking aids handy there are stick and crutch holders available from organisations such as the Disabled Living Foundation . The holders ensure that the aids don’t obstruct the wheelchair and that they are in easy reach.
  • Covers and capes protect you and your wheelchair from the elements. For warmth and weather protection Amazon has a cosy waterproof fleece cover  and for head-to-toe waterproof protection, the Powerchair cape, from complete Care Shop, covers the user and all the vital parts of the chair, with see-through panels for the controls.
  • For added safety and security lap belts, straps and harnesses can be purchased and quickly attached to most wheelchairs. Mobility Smart has a range on its website, including calf, lap and upper body straps.
  • Wheelchair Umbrellas ensure protection from the sun and rain, often attaching to the wheelchair handle via a vice-like system, such as this wheelchair umbrella from
  • To keep a drink handy when out and about there are a number of options. Drinking bottles include the hydrant sports drinking bottle, which has a handle that doubles as a secure mounting hook for use on a wheelchair, and there are cup holders such as this drink holder from Amazon. They all ensure wheelchair users can keep well hydrated.
  • A simple clip-on tray can make all the difference when it comes to carrying out everyday tasks. There are plenty on the market, such as this half tray and the multi-position, height adjustable Ez Enabler wheelchair table, both from Complete Care Shop.
  • Comfort is important. Lloyd’s Pharmacy has a range of wheelchair cushions, including memory foam cushions and ones designed to improve posture.
  • To customise the look of your chair there are a number of companies specialising in wheelchair spoke guards or hubcaps. Recare custom-make spoke guards to the individual’s requirements and design can include pictures, logos or just your favourite colour or pattern. Wheelchair lights, like these from Amazon, add another way to customise your chair.
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