Chartwell Van Insurance


Whether you have a van for business, for transporting mobility equipment or for day-to-day personal use, it is important to get a policy that reflects your personal circumstances. Mainstream insurers don’t always understand the needs of disabled drivers and lack of expertise when it comes to adapted vehicles. This can lead to hefty policy prices or poor quality of service.

Chartwell Insurance is a completely independent insurance broker that offers a specialist, caring service for disabled customers. The team at Chartwell are experienced in arranging insurance for disabled drivers, with specialist van insurance policies built around individual needs, delivering great protection at an affordable rate.

If you use your van for business purposes Chartwell offer a ‘Tools in Transit’ policy, protecting against the theft or damage of tools and equipment from an insured vehicle. For £59 per year, the policy covers up to £5000 per vehicle on items left in the van overnight and even during the loading and unloading process.


The team at Chartwell are also experienced in arranging insurance for adapted vehicles. If your van is modified in any way to cater for your disability you need to make sure any adaptations are covered on a like-for-like basis, in the event of an accident. Chartwell covers any legal adaptation to your van on a new for old basis, whether the whole vehicle has been converted by a specialist, or you are using aftermarket accessories to make a van more accessible.

The specialist knowledge and understanding of the Chartwell team enables them to cater for other unusual situations that mainstream insurers may be wary of, such as pickups & double cabs, modified and customised vans (including disabled-adapted vans), imported vans (Japanese imports and American vans & pickups), trucks and HGV insurance, particularly solo operators and small fleets, tipper truck insurance, vans used predominantly for pleasure, ice cream vans and milk floats, refrigerated van insurance, motorised horsebox insurance, company owned vans and privately owned vans, as well as drivers with convictions or a history of claims.

Chartwell van insurance also includes replacement courtesy vehicle in the event of an accident with adapted vehicles available, optional European breakdown cover with Homestart, windscreen replacement, free Legal Cover (up to £100,000) and uninsured loss recovery, protected no claims bonus available and limited mileage cover available.

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