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Toll road exemption for Blue Badge holders

Severn Crossing toll charges are to be reduced this month and phased out completely by the end of the year – but you may already be able to make the crossing for free if you qualify for Toll road exemption for Blue Badge holders. To take advantage of Toll road exemption for Blue Badge holders […]

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Motability scheme celebrates 40th anniversary


Motability, the scheme which enables disabled people, their families and their carers to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair by using their government-funded mobility allowance, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Patronised by HRH Queen Elizabeth, Motability has revolutionised the way disabled people get about and there are currently more than 650,000 customers […]

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The History of Wheelchairs – From Ancient Tools to Electric Scooters

Wheelchair history

Mankind has been making use of wheelchairs to assist people living with disabilities for thousands of years. And from the very first attempts, nothing more than re-purposed wheelbarrows really, through to the electric wheelchairs of today and the incredible inventions still to come, wheelchair designs and technology have certainly come a long way. In the […]

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Inspired by the London 2012 Paralympics?

The London 2012 Paralympics raised the country’s awareness of the quality of competitive sport amongst disabled athletes. All around the globe people embraced the achievements of the highly skilled contestants and were introduced to new sporting personalities and new sports. The games served to inspire budding sportspeople in the disabled community, to show them just […]

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European Mobility Week’s coming – How practical is it for the disabled?

European Mobility Week (EMW) is nearly upon us and this year’s theme is “multimodality” which, in more every-day speak, means we’re being encouraged to reflect on how we travel and how we could combine different modes of transport when getting from A to B. By way of an introduction for the uninitiated, or refresh for […]

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