Disabled Travel Advice

For many, travelling is a rewarding and enlightening experience, but some people with disabilities may not view it as a viable option. However, there are many companies focused, often exclusively, on travelling for disabled people.

Chartwell Insurance, a completely independent insurance broker that offers a specialist, caring service for disabled customers, takes a look at some of the online advice centres for disabled people who want to push their horizons that bit further.

Starting with perhaps the forefront UK site dedicated to disabled travel, travelforall.org.uk defines itself as “the UK voice for accessible tourism.” A charity organisation, the money it raises goes towards making travel universally welcoming, regardless of an individual’s physical condition.

My Handicap.com is an “information and community” site for people with disabilities. Its travel section is divided into two areas, holidays and driving with disabilities. The holiday section lists top destinations for disabled travellers, anything from “barrier-free safari” to a getaway in Mallorca.

If your travel focus is specifically on Europe, check out sagetravel.com, “the European disabled travel experts.” A travel agent catering exclusively for disabled clientele, the site offers guides and packages for nine European counties, including Scotland, France, Greece and Turkey. Each country has its own advice and service section.

According to independenttraveler.com, “the travel industry is waking up to disabled travellers’ special needs … providing more services and greater accommodation.” The site itself has a detailed article with useful pointers to help prepare travellers for their journey.

Ablesize.com is a travel advice website “owned and run by people with disabilities.”  While it offers general links to popular disabled travel advice sites, as well as topical disabled news pages, what’s particularly notable is its interactive focus. Not only full of forums, it offers a submit your site feature, as well as a link to the regularly updated, highly subjective and commercially independent Ablesize blog.

Direct.gov.uk has a section dedicated to accessible travel. In particular it outlines many of the key aspects to The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) of 1995, the intent of which is to tackle the discrimination disabled travellers have faced over the years. Also from the UK Government, the Foreign Commonwealth Office webpage presents a large article outlining some of the important information needed for disabled travellers, from preparation to facilities and accommodation.

The Friendship Circle Blog is an online community full of information on the various sites out there for disabled travelers. Check it out for more information and access to sites not already covered in this article.

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