Disabled Travel Insurance FAQs


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If you have a pre-existing medical condition or disability, finding appropriate travel insurance that covers you for that medical condition can be a nightmare. Often providers charge high premiums to cover all your requirements simply cannot cover them at all. Chartwell Insurance is a completely independent insurance broker that offers a specialist, caring service for disabled customers. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about our specialist disabled travel insurance product.

Is my equipment covered?

Yes. Wheelchairs and other mobility aids are covered as standard, up to £2,500 for loss or damage. What’s more the cost of hiring an alternative is also covered.

What if I forget my medication?

At Chartwell we appreciate how important medication is so we cover the cost of urgent replacement as standard and also cover loss of medication up to £300.

Are all pre-existing conditions and disabilities covered?

At Chartwell, travel insurance policies cover a huge number of pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities and policies are assessed on a case by case basis, rather than completely excluding or including any particular condition.

What if I develop other medical conditions after I have taken out the policy?

If you develop other medical conditions during your policy term, you do not need to let Chartwell know until your policy is due for renewal.

What if my carer falls ill when we are away?

At Chartwell we appreciate the importance of carers, If the carer has also purchased their own policy through Chartwell and falls ill, then as well as the claim being covered in the normal way, the cost of flying a replacement carer will also be covered, if this is necessary for the customer to continue their holiday.

If I go on a cruise, do I need extra cover?

Chartwell policies cover cruises at an additional premium, however this includes an increased baggage limit of £2500 and also the maximum payout for an individual item is increased to £750.  At Chartwell we will also pay £25 for each scheduled pre-paid shore trip that is missed due to the ship being unable to dock.  If you need air ambulance assistance, this would be also covered.

Do new customers have to undergo any medical checks?

Even if you’re new to Chartwell you will not need to undergo a medical check-up. The team at Chartwell ask if you have any medical conditions, and then run through medical screening questions to determine if the condition can be covered, either as standard under the normal insurance or as an additional level of cover.

What if I have cancer or am in remission?

If you have taken any prescribed medication or required medical treatment, or been a registered in or out-patient in the last two years, you will still need specialist cancer travel insurance – this is assessed on a case–by-case format to take into consideration individual factors.

If I need travel insurance for a disabled child, can the whole family be covered?

Yes, Chartwell policies can cater for individuals, couples and families.

What happens if I can’t sign the documents?

Chartwell do not require any signatures from you. They just confirm all the details are correct over the phone and then send the documents through. If you find any errors in the documents, these can be amended over the phone.

Why would Chartwell be a good place to get my travel insurance from? 

At Chartwell the team know that every holiday is individual, so they tailor-make the policy to suit your requirements.

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