What happens if I get a driving assessment referral?

driving assessment

Don’t panic if you have been asked to take a driving assessment because of your age or your disability.

You will have been referred for the assessment as there has been a recent change in your health that may affect your ability to drive, or because of your age.

The driving assessment will check your physical and cognitive ability behind the wheel.

It can also identify vehicle adaptations that may assist you and provide an opportunity to try out the many alternatives available.

You may be referred for driving assessment by your doctor

If your doctor has any concerns about your capabilities behind the wheel he may suggest a referral for a driving assessment to confirm how good your driving actually is.

If you or your family have any concerns about your safe driving you can self refer to a Driving Mobility assessment centre near where you live.

You can self refer or if you use the Motability scheme you could contact the charity on 0300 456 4566 and ask to be referred by them.

DVLA driving assessment referral may follow Motability application

Motability and DVLA referrals are currently free of charge but if you self refer fees do apply.

If you are currently legal to drive, you can take an in-car assessment; a non driving assessment can be undertaken to establish potential for returning to driving after a period of enforced exclusion; and a limited in-car assessment may be possible at centres with off road facilities.

The Assessment Centre Team will consider all aspects of driving including medical fitness, vision, awareness, reactions and decision-making as well as physical ability to operate the controls.

A driving assessment needn’t mean more expensive insurance

Disabled drivers often find themselves struggling to find car insurance at an affordable rate that covers all their specific needs.

Chartwell Insurance provides high quality car insurance specific to disabled drivers and include some benefits that would be excluded on standard policies, such as:

  • Insured for mobility aids and equipment left in vehicle
  • Adaptations are covered like-for-like in event of a claim
  • Any driver cover option
  • Motability no claims accepted.
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