Gadgets to help drivers with mobility issues

Gadgets to help drivers with mobility issues.

It may be an age thing, an old sports injury, or the result of illness or accident, but if you are adriver suffering mobility issues even the simple things can seem difficult.

Car mobility aids can allow people with mobility issues to continue to drive their own car enabling them to get out and about instead of being stuck at home.

Six cheap gadgets to helpĀ drivers with mobility issues:

  • A support handle that clamps easily to the U-shaped plate on a car door frame, the Handybar offers extra support and leverage, allowing a person to get in and out of vehicles more easily.
  • A steering wheel mushroom clamps easily and securely to the car steering wheel making it easier to manoeuvre. It can be transferred swiftly from car to car.
  • The swivel seat sits on the factory-fitted car seat and helps you get in and out. The foam padded seat is comfortable and its ball bearing turntable ensures a smooth rotation. They normally have a removeable cover so they can be washed regularly too.
  • Auto hand grips fit onto the posts of the front seat head restraints and help those with mobility issues get in and out of the rear of cars.
  • Extra leverage key fobs are designed to help those with a weak grip, perhaps because of arthritis, injury or tender joints. Any key will fit into the fob to give you extra grip and leverage making key turning easier.
  • A moulded plastic disability flag is invaluable for those parking in car parks. The flag lips over the edge of a car window to indicate that disabled access is required, encouraging others not to park too closely. Simply slot the flag over the window edge and close the window to secure it.

Active Mobility has even more ideas for gadgets aimed at making it easier to drive if you have mobility issues.

Here the team of experts at Chartwell Insurance has produced a guide to insurance for disabled drivers.








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