Adapted vehicle insurance problems?

You’ve only got to turn on the TV to be bombarded with adverts for various insurance comparison websites. The problem with these sites is that they are designed to be useful for as many people as possible and they’re not good at coping with anything outside the norm. This is especially frustrating for disabled people who have to make adaptations to their vehicles so they can get into them and drive them.

Often mainstream insurers classify changes to vehicles, such as essential steering wheel adaptations or lowered floors, the same as performance-enhancing modifications and spoilers. That really doesn’t seem fair, does it? On-line forums are littered with people complaining of such treatment.


disabled vehicle


So for the disabled driver, or those using adapted vehicles to transport disabled people, what is the answer? It may seem counterintuitive but the quickest way is to pick up the telephone and ring a specialist insurance broker. Having your queries written down and details of your vehicle’s adaptations to hand when you make the call will save you time and will make sure you don’t forget some vital information.

The staff at Chartwell are experienced in arranging insurance for adapted vehicles. They know about many different adaptations needed to make a car accessible and usable for a disabled person. They also understand that disabled people have the same aspirations as the able bodied when it comes to freedom to travel.

By using a specialist such as Chartwell you can be sure that all your vehicle adaptations are fully covered on a like-for-like basis, so that in the event of a claim you’ll be able to afford to get back on the road as soon as possible. Plus, you’ll know that your policy will meet all your needs so you won’t get any nasty shocks if you have to make a claim.

Some of the common modifications covered by Chartwell include hand controls to operate the accelerator and brake, modified foot controls, rotating seats and lowered floors, steering assistance, such as steering wheel knobs or joystick systems for greater control, and wheelchair hoists, ramps and tail lifts to assist with getting in and out of the vehicle.

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Chartwell will also take into account other simple modifications such as special cushions, covers and added support, adapted mirrors for those with neck or vision problems as well as adapted seat belts and harnesses.

But don’t worry if your particular modification isn’t one of the above just explain to the staff at Chartwell exactly what you’ve had done to the vehicle and they will sort out a policy to suit your individual circumstances.

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