Insurance for disabled drivers – why Chartwell?

For disabled drivers their vehicle is a lifeline. It provides them the means to travel from place to place on their own terms, and at their own pace. Like every other road user disabled drivers are governed by vehicle insurance law that says a registered keeper of a vehicle must keep it insured unless they’ve made a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) or face a penalty.

The Equality Act makes it illegal to penalise disabled drivers and increase insurance premiums due to their disability – but that doesn’t make getting the right insurance any easier. It’s difficult for any driver to make an informed choice as to which insurance company to use and for disabled drivers the choice is even harder.

There are now several brokers and mainstream insurers that offer insurance for disabled drivers but often they are restricted to a few schemes, which may mean they are not offering the most competitive options when it comes to price.

Chartwell Insurance is a specialist broker with extensive experience and knowledge of the disabled driver insurance sector. It is part of the Adrian Flux family, set up by David Flux in the mid 1970s. David Flux was himself a disabled driver with first-hand knowledge of the problems faced by even those with minor disabilities. Chartwell can now offer over 200 car insurance schemes covering most situations disabled drivers will face.

Often disabled drivers are troubled by questions about their competence and disability by prospective insurers. At Chartwell the staff are trained not to ask personal and irrelevant questions about the driver’s disability. They concentrate on getting the cover to fit the driver’s needs.

A common problem disabled drivers can face with mainstream insurers is that they can be faced with an adviser who doesn’t know the first thing about adapted vehicles or Motability. Chartwell advisers understand all these issues and can advise on policies that cover damage to your mobility aids, vehicles adaptations and mobility equipment – another aspect often overlooked by the mainstream.

When taking out an insurance policy disabled drivers should check what sort of vehicle they will be offered if their car has to be taken off the road following an accident. If Chartwell can’t find a suitably adapted courtesy car the policy will pay up to £50 per day to cover the cost of taxi, bus or hire car.

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