Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen independence can make a great difference in the quality of life for those with disabilities. Chartwell Insurance, a completely independent insurance broker that offers a specialist, caring service for disabled customers, takes a look at different gadgets and gizmos that can make everyday kitchen tasks easier and more manageable.

  • Kettle tippers are tilting stands which enable the teapot or kettle to be tipped and poured without lifting, enabling one hand operation and reducing the strain on the wrist and arm, whilst securely pouring boiling water. These are widely available from companies such as  Complete Care ShopDigital measuring jug
  • Talking measuring jugs and scales, like these ones from The RNIB online shop, make measuring out ingredients easier for the visually-impaired, enabling exact quantities to be measured reducing spillages and wastage.
  • The RNIB also sell a liquid level indicator with both audible and vibrating alarm. The indicator fits to the side of a mug or glass and notifies the user when the liquid level nears the top to prevent overfilling.
  • Knob and tap handles can be difficult to twist and turn. These attachable turners from  Living Made Easy have spring-loaded pins which form a grip when pushed against the knob or tap. The extended handle then provides better leverage for easy turning.
  • Utensils strapIf gripping items is tricky there are a number of items with increased grip designed to make food preparation and cooking easier, such as saucepans, utensils and scissors also available from Living Made Easy.
  • Items such as this utensil hand grip from Eden Mobility secure the utensil to the hand for easy use without the need to grip.The spring-action plastic clip fits the hand snugly without pinching and can be used with a variety of utensils.
  • Opening jars, tins, bottles and packets can be difficult, as it often requires holding the object in one hand and opening it with the other. Slip-resistant mats (Co-operative Xest) or holders can help by supporting and keeping it secure while you open it. There are also other devices available such as bottle grips, can pops, cap grippers available and other companies, to make opening items easier.

There are so many other gadgets available on the market including some for cutting and slicing, peeler and scrapers and food preparation boards. It is also important to consider the layout and accessibility of the kitchen itself.

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