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The History of Wheelchairs – From Ancient Tools to Electric Scooters

Wheelchair history

Mankind has been making use of wheelchairs to assist people living with disabilities for thousands of years. And from the very first attempts, nothing more than re-purposed wheelbarrows really, through to the electric wheelchairs of today and the incredible inventions still to come, wheelchair designs and technology have certainly come a long way. In the […]

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Mobility scooterists could be set for regulatory double whammy

Britain’s growing army of mobility scooterists could face a regulatory double whammy with an MP calling for compulsory training and an EU mandatory insurance directive under discussion. New figures from the Department of Transport revealed at least three people a week were injured last year in accidents involving mobility scooters, with five drivers killed and […]

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Mobility scooters and liability issues

  Most mobility scooters designed to travel on pavements only reach a top speed of 4 mph. However, this is faster than the average pedestrian’s walking pace. Therefore, if scooters are being driven through crowds or overtaking a pedestrian from behind accidents can easily happen. Especially as they have quiet electric motors. Although no official […]

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Buying a used mobility scooter

Buying a second-hand mobility vehicle is a cheaper option than buying from new but you need to make sure you know what you’re getting. Here the experts at Chartwell Insurance, the disabled insurance specialist, highlight some things you should look out for when buying second-hand mobility scooters. Buying second-hand or pre-loved means you can get […]

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Mobility Scooter Maintenance Tips

For many people in the UK a mobility scooter is a vital tool in enabling them to live independently. Maintained correctly a scooter will provide years of happy, trouble-free travel. Chartwell Insurance, a completely independent insurance broker that offers a specialist, caring service for disabled customers, rounds up a list of simple things you can […]

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