Six of the best reaching aids

Reaching aids can make a huge difference in independence for the disabled. The simple yet invaluable concept can make retrieving items, getting dressed and other daily tasks much more manageable. Chartwell Insurance, a completely independent insurance broker that offers a specialist, caring service for disabled customers, has investigated six of the best grabbers and reaching aids on the market.

  • The Handi-Reacher is an ultra-lightweight, robust reacher with a rubber-lined moving jaw which can be rotated 360° to avoid having to rotate your wrist. The head has a magnet for picking up small metal objects, such as pins, and it also features a handy hook to aid tasks such as dressing and closing doors. The trigger on the handle is operated by four fingers for better grip and to make it easier for people with reduced hand strength to operate it. The Handi-Reacher is available a range of lengths as well fold-up options, from a number of stores including Boots and Amazon.
  • The folding gripping arm from features simple-to-use locking trigger action to maintain a secure grip of the object being retrieved. Rubber suction cups enable the user to securely pick up objects, such as jars and containers, which are out of reach. The lightweight aluminum gripping arm is foldable for storage and transportation.
  • Health Care Equipment’s Ergonomic Reacher is a light-weight, straight-forward to use reacher which is ideal for individuals with a difficulty in gripping, limited hand movement, joint stiffness or with poor hand strength. The angled handle supports the user’s index finger, to maximise hand strength and to improve precision when gripping. The gripping jaws rotate to provide flexibility when aiming for objects.
  • The Pick Up Reacher with Forearm Support from the CompleteCareShop comes in a choice of sizes. It comes with a forearm support attachment to counterbalance the reacher and the weight of the object being picked up, to make retrieving objects more comfortable. The trigger can be used by all fingers or pushed using the palm of the hand. The jaws on the reacher can also be locked in position to maintain grip around the retrieved object, so the user doesn’t have to sustain pressure on the trigger for as long.
  • For opening and closing hard to reach windows the ingenious, yet simple window pull is designed to fit most types of window lever handles. Its self-adjusting rubber collar simply slots over the window’s handle and can be manipulated to open or close the window.
  • For those on a budget high street shops, such as Poundland are now selling basic grabbers. Poundland’s handy long reach no-frills grabber is suitable for right or left-handed use.

If none of those take your fancy then there are a number of tutorials and videos across the web showing you how to make your own grabber out of everyday items.

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