Small Cars with Big Boots

If you use a wheelchair, or regularly transport someone who uses a wheelchair, then boot-space is an important consideration. Estate cars are the obvious choice, both for size of boot and ease of loading. But not everyone wants to drive a big estate car – ease of parking and fuel consumption are other factors that come into play. We take a look at some small cars with big boots – in many cases these hatchbacks have surprisingly big boot spaces.

Renault Clio Grand Tour. Part of the Clio family, the Grand Tour not only has 493 litres of storage space as standard but a removable boot partition.

This gives you a choice of having one large space or a slightly smaller space and a small hidden boot.

With the seats down you get a useful 1277 litres of space.

Renault Clio Grand Tour Concept

Renault Clio Grand Tour Concept (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kia Pro_Cee’d. A punchy, modern hatchback, the Pro Cee’d gives you a 340 litres worth of boot storage with the seats up.

With seats down you can free up 1210 litres.

Paris Motor Show: KIA pro_ceed September 2012

KIA Pro Ceed (Photo credit: motorblog)

Fiat Bravo. With a seats down 1175 litres of space and 400 litre with the seats up, the Bravo isn’t one of the largest on the market.

But it’s got Multijet engine technology for a bit of extra poke.

Fiat Bravo

Fiat Bravo (Wikipedia)

Mazda 3. An eye-catching fun little hatchback, the Mazda 3 has bags of attitude.

Its 340 litres boot space increases to 1360 litres when the seats are down.

2007 Mazda 3 hatchback rear

Mazda 3 hatchback (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ford Focus Zetec. The Zetec  has the edge in terms of bootspace on the rest of the Focus range.

The hatchback gives you 396 litres of bootspace or 1258 litres with the seats down.

Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus (Photo credit: mariordo59)

Ricability, an independent consumer research charity, has put together a comprehensive list of cars with boots that are 40 inches wide and 47 inches long. Here you can make selections and compile your own shortlist.

If you are going to get your car through the Motability Scheme then take a look at their car search facility to see what’s available before setting your heart on something that’s not on their list. You can search by type, make, and the amount of advance payment you can afford.

But beware, a big boot capacity does not necessarily mean that your specific wheelchair will fit. It is advisable to take a trip to a local dealer and check the ease of loading and unloading and how much spare space you have for extras.

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