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Specialist disability car insurance

Disabled drivers often find themselves struggling to find car insurance at an affordable rate that covers all their specific needs. Chartwell Insurance provide high quality car insurance specific to disabled drivers, including benefits that would be excluded on standard policies.

  • Insured for mobility aids and equipment left in vehicle
  • Adaptations are covered like-for-like in event of a claim
  • Any driver cover option
  • Motability no claims accepted

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    Disabled Drivers Insurance

    Here at Chartwell we believe the disabled community take better care of their vehicles. After all, it's an important part of your lifestyle. That's why our Freedom range of disabled motorist policies offer sensible, highly competitive rates.

    What's more, you won't be asked personal and irrelevant questions about your disability, because our experienced team concentrate on providing a caring, specialist service concentrating on tailor-made cover that fits your needs. Finding disability car insurance for disabled drivers can be an unnecessarily stressful experience. You simply don't get this level of service with most mainstream insurers, where you may find yourself faced with an adviser who doesn't know the first thing about adapted vehicles or motability no-claim bonus. There are other specialist brokers, of course, but all too often they are restricted to a few schemes, which can sometimes leave them struggling to compete on price.

    Why choose Chartwell for disabled driver insurance

    At Chartwell we offer the perfect balance, our experience and knowledge of the disabled driver insurance sector means that we are able to offer a wide range of policies that are tailored to meet the particular needs of the disabled community. And, as part of the Adrian Flux family, we offer over 200 vehicle insurance schemes and can offer a competitive quote for almost any car in almost any situation.

    We know that your car is vital to your lifestyle. And so we know that you will take great care in your driving and vehicle maintenance. This means we offer exceptionally competitive premiums, to reflect your lower risk. Call us now on 0800 089 0146 for a personal no-risk quote, or click the button below to you may be surprised at how much you could save.

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    Benefits of specific disabled driver insurance

    It's a mistake to think that a standard insurance policy will always meet the needs of a disabled driver. The advantage of specialist car insurance for disabled drivers is that the cover can be tailor-made and our policies offer the following features:

    • Up to £1,500 cover for your manual wheelchair while it is in the car
    • Cover for carers to drive your vehicle
    • Any driver cover options available
    • Insurance for young disabled drivers from 16 upwards
    • 90 days European Green Card Cover
    • An appropriate Courtesy Car in the event of an accident (subject to availability)
    • We accept the transfer of a no claims discount from Motability
    • We understand the complexities and requirements of adapted vehicles, such as drive from wheelchair conversions
    • Any adaptations covered will be replaced on a new for old basis, in the event of a claim.
    • Our approved repairers will try their best to source you with a suitably adapted courtesy car. If they can't, the policy will pay up to £50 per day to cover the cost of taxi, bus or hire car to help keep you mobile.

    Who might benefit from disabled driver insurance?

    • Drivers who need adaptations to their car
    • Drivers with a condition, such as Parkinson's disease, or a heart condition, that the DVLA need to be notified about
    • Drivers with diabetes which is controlled by insulin or tablets that have a high risk of causing hypoglycaemia
    • Customers with any visual disability affecting both eyes
    • Former customers of Motability, with a history of claim-free driving, who would like this recognised in lieu of no claims bonus
    • Anyone who needs a carer or relative to drive the car from time to time and need more flexibility than a mainstream policy can offer.

    To find out more, just give our trained underwriting technicians a ring to talk you through your options. They will quickly help you to find a quote with minimum fuss. Simply click the button to arrange a free call-back at a convenient time, or call us now on 0800 089 0146 for your specialist, bespoke insurance quote.