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Disabled Travel Insurance

Finding appropriate travel insurance can be difficult and stressful if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities. When you find a provider they can often charge high premiums to cover all your requirements. However, here at Chartwell, we offer travel insurance for disabled travellers that covers any pre-existing medical conditions. As you'd expect, we work for you to offer an affordable rate. And, because of our expertise in the disabled market, we do not expect or require updates on additional medical conditions until you renew.

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Travel Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

Chartwell Insurance understand how important it is to get the correct travel insurance. We offer single-trip and annual multi-trip policies. Single-trip polices have no age limit and cover a maximum duration of 154 days. With annual multi-trip policies there is an age limit of 85 years old and each trip has a limit of 92 days.For both policies baggage is automatically covered up to £1500 for accidental loss, theft or damage, and if you lose your medication whilst away the policy will cover the cost up to £300 for urgent replacement.

At Chartwell we have the specialist knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the travel insurance that suits your needs. We know how important carers can be for our customers so, if a carer has purchased a policy and falls ill, then as well as the claim being covered in the normal way, the cost of flying a replacement carer will also be covered if this is necessary for the customer to continue their holiday.

Advantages of Chartwell's specialist travel insurance

  • Covers pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities
  • Does not require you to let us know of new medical conditions until renewal
  • Up to £2000 of baggage cover is available
  • Loss of medication and cost of urgent replacement is covered up to £300
  • If your carer falls ill, and has a policy, Chartwell will cover the cost of flying out a replacement carer so you can continue your holiday
  • Family travel insurance and couples cover options

Optional extras are available to add to a standard policy, for example if you are going on a winter sports or golf holiday we can include cover for your equipment or hired equipment. If you are concerned about the costs of travel disruption, we can add cover for cost of delays, cancellations, and alternative accommodation. We also offer additional options for business travel, cruises and even weddings.

Why do I need specialist disabled travel insurance?

  • If you need to take a wheelchair with you when you travel
  • If you have a disability which means you may need to take any special equipment with you when you travel
  • If you are likely to need medical attention when you travel, which may also cut your holiday short.
  • If you are travelling with a carer
  • If you need cover for an existing condition

We know that every holiday is individual to you. This is the case especially if you have a disability and need insurance that covers every eventuality. If you need to talk things over, our staff members are trained underwriting technicians and are on-hand to take you call. You can get a quote, today. Simply click the button to arrange a free callback at a convenient time, or call us now on 0800 089 0146 for your tailored travel insurance quote.