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Insurance with Motability No Claims Bonus

Motability cars have helped many disabled drivers onto the road and has brought independence to people who would otherwise have great difficulty travelling. It has even benefitted those who do not qualify or do not wish to partake in the scheme by ensuring a steady supply of adapted vehicles onto the used market.

But it would be wrong to assume that Mobility is perfect in every situation. If you don't meet qualifying criteria, or you want a Motability car that does not feature on their list, or is unavailable to you owing to your age, it can be difficult to source an alternative insurance provision. Drivers are effectively barred from the Motability scheme if they pick up a ban, or more than a couple of minor driving convictions, and can also find themselves turned down if they have a history of claims.

Rather than the usual transferable no claims bonus, Motability gives customers a claims history letter which unfortunately most insurers do not accept for no claims bonus. However at Chartwell we can reward your years of driving experience by accepting this letter. We can insure virtually any road legal vehicle in the UK, including like-for-like cover for any adaptations. And we have fantastic rates for convicted drivers, young drivers and drivers with an adverse claim history, which means that no matter what your circumstances, we can offer you a great quote.

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Here are some of the great features available on policies purchased through Chartwell

  • Motability claim-free driving accepted in lieu of NCB
  • Like for like cover on all adaptations and modifications to your vehicle
  • Up to £1,500 of cover for your manual wheelchair while it is in your vehicle
  • Cover for carers to drive your vehicle
  • Any driver cover
  • 90 days european cover
  • Suitable courtesy car in the event of an accident (subject to availability)
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Insurance issues for former Motability users

Chartwell can consider other circumstances which motability may not. Here is a list of some of the key issues for former Motability users:

  • If you have driving convictions as a disabled driver you may no longer meet the criteria for Motability.
  • If you have an adverse claim history, you may not be eligible for Motability insurance.
  • If the car you want is not available on the Motability scheme.
  • If you are a young disabled driver and finding it difficult to get insurance with mainstream companies.

At Chartwell, we have a team of expert underwriters that have specialist knowledge to help you. They can talk you through the options and find the perfect policy for you and your needs and reward you for having years of experience with the Motability scheme. Simply click the button to arrange a free callback at a convenient time, or call us now on 0800 089 0146 for your tailored insurance quote.